October 4, 2007 — Vol. 43, No. 8
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Rising star Charles ‘Lights’ up Friday nights on NBC

Sarah Rodman

Gaius Charles is certain that if he had gone to high school with Brian “Smash” Williams, the arrogant, brash star running back he portrays on the NBC drama “Friday Night Lights,” they probably wouldn’t have been friends. Full story

‘Leila Khaled’ explores the meaning of terrorism

Talia Whyte

Everyone has someone they look up to as an idol, whether it is a Hollywood actor, a high-profile politician, or just an ordinary person who did something extraordinary. But what if you had the chance to meet your idol and they turned out to be something you didn’t expect?
Filmmaker and journalist Lina Makboul had this experience when she met a not-so-ordinary person: Leila Khaled, the world’s first female hijacker. Full story

BeanTown Jazz helps Berklee’s scholarship

Bridgit Brown

Everybody loves Joyce.

This was the refrain last Friday night at Symphony Hall when some of jazz’s leading stars performed at a concert to establish the Joyce Alexander Wein Scholarship Fund.

Branford Marsalis, Roy Haynes, Regina Carter, Claudia Acuña, Michel Camilo and many more entertained the crowd with selections that most had introduced as Joyce’s favorite. The concert was part of the seventh annual BeanTown Jazz Festival that attracted more than 70,000 during its three-day run. Full story

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