September 6, 2007 — Vol. 43, No. 4
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Boston Copley Marriott Exhibition Hall

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Late Nights at Bob’s

Every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, 10 pm - 1am

TPC is proud to announce and invite you to “Late Nights at Bob’s.” Every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, 10pm - 1am, at Bob's Southern Bistro, 604 Columbus Ave, located in Boston's South End. For more information on the evenings line up click here or call  617-375-8129.

TPC, Connecting You To Over 5,000 “like minded professionals” And 40 Major Corporations Through Out New England!! 
For more information on TPC:
Leonard Webb
Executive  Director
phone: 774-249-3206

If you would like your organization or event listed in the Young Professionals Link, email Sandra Casagrand at

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