September 6, 2007 — Vol. 43, No. 4
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To what extent do you think the clothes
youths wear affect their future?

All I have to say is I hope they don’t let their children dress the way they do now.
Milton Paige
South End
I don’t think it does significantly. I think your color impacts your future way more. So does how you speak. Klare Allen
Community Organizer
It does. It goes with your attitude. The way you dress is the way you represent yourself. Emily
College Student
think it’s normal for teenagers to dress the same as the others in their peer group. But when they reach their 20s and go on a job interview, they have to change to business attire. Jeff Stone
Executive Director
The only way it affects their future is if they’re really into it — if they pay more attention to their clothes than they do to their education. Shena
I think the way the youth dress now is an indication of the problems we’re having with them in school, with poor performance and drop-outs. It’s terrible for their future employment and betterment in life.
Ralph Cooper
Executive Director

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