February 21, 2008 — Vol. 43, No. 28
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What do you think is the importance
of Black History Month?

Because important black people who aren’t usually celebrated are remembered in this month. It’s a way to thank them for what they did to help their people when they were alive. Saphia Suarez
Jamaica Plain
People laid down their lives for us so we could live better. Black History Month is important because we have to remember them.
Because it reminds us how we got here in the first place — the great, successful people who got us to where we are. Martin Luther King took a great step so we could walk free. Yasin Ismael
East Boston
It’s important because we as black people have to find out who we really are — our history. We’re not getting it in school. We have just one month. It’s not right. Heathsetsut Nhet Hehet
Black History Month means black people are finally recognized and treated with the same respect whites are treated with. For instance, we have black people like Marian Anderson on postage stamps. Brenda Lucas
Loving Grandmother
The importance is to focus on the history that’s often left out of the education system — the history of the accomplishments of black people in America. Pamela Bush
Community Organizer
Hyde Park

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