November 22, 2007 — Vol. 43, No. 15
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Who do you think is the best candidate for president?

I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll have to vote for Hillary in the fall, so in the primary, I’ll vote my conscience. I’m voting for Kucinich.
Horace Small
Jamaica Plain
Dennis Kucinich. Although unelectable, I think he’s the best on the issues and has the best plan to move forward for black people and for poor people.
Calvin Feliciano
Legislative Aide
East Boston
At this moment, I think Hillary is still in front. She’s had the most experience. She’s worked on health care, early childhood education, family issues. She’s been in leadership positions for a long time.
Louis Elisa
Political Consultant
Kucinich. The candidate who is really talking from the people’s perspective and conscious of the needs and challenges facing people of color and low-income communities gets my vote.
Khalida Smalls
Interim Executive Director
Jamaica Plain
I support Obama. I take the whole thing with a grain of salt, but I like the language of hope.
Gibran Rivera
Jamaica Plain
Barack Obama. If you look at his website and look at the issues he’s addressing, a lot of them are important to me, especially poverty and health care.
Jesus Gerena
Director of Community Development
Jamaica Plain

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