November 15, 2007 — Vol. 43, No. 14
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Artist Tavares mirrors life in surreal urban context

Daniela Caride

CAMBRIDGE — To some, Brazilian artist Ana Maria Tavares’ idea of paradise might seem a little odd.

Imagine a stainless steel cage the size of two Olympic swimming pools filled with dozens of white airplane seats. Bars divide the “metal pool” into a number of small rooms, each equipped with a seat and a pool ladder.
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Actor Williams thrives in
out-of-the-ordinary roles

Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn

LOS ANGELES — Nearing the end of the interview — with some last-minute fact-checking points to go through — Gary Anthony Williams wants to set the record straight.

“Oh, and by the way, I am not Dick Anthony Williams’ son,” he says, referring to the “Black Picture Show” star. “Could you clear that up for me on the Internet?”

He’s talking about his profile on a popular online database, which notes other things he’d like corrected: His mother is not the late actress Gloria Edwards — his mom still lives in Fayetteville, where he was raised — and his birthday is in March, not April.
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In new bio, Mbeki decries severity of AIDS epidemic

Michelle Faul

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — President Thabo Mbeki still doubts that HIV causes AIDS and believes the pandemic is being exaggerated out of racism and greed, according to a new biography.

Critics say Mbeki’s stance slowed his government’s response to the AIDS epidemic, costing hundreds of thousands of lives. Full story

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