March 27, 2008 — Vol. 43, No. 33
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Do you think the economy is heading
in the right direction?

No, personally, I don't. [People are] losing homes due to foreclosure. Eretta Kirkland
Dental Assistant
No, the economy is heading in the wrong direction. The unemployment in our economy has increased at a record number in the past few years.
Teodolinda DaRosa
Real Estate Agent
It’s not headed in a good direction. Number one, too many ethnic groups [are] unemployed. Number two, the federal government should lower mortgage prices to boost the economy again. Calvin Morris
Disabled Veteran
[There’s] price inflation for all necessities, like food, clothes [and] housing due to crime, and people moving out of the community causes our businesses to raise prices.
Abuqari Alamin
Warehouse Worker
No, don't think so! [Look at] home foreclosures [and] the Iraq war.
No, I don't think the economy is heading in the right direction. The U.S. dollar used to be a power statement during the Clinton presidency, but now it has become simply ineffective. I am a Nigerian, and when you used to have a dollar bill you were thought to be very important, [but] presently the dollar is almost close to the same value as the naira (Nigerian currency). Something needs to be done and fast. Jessica Okundaye

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