December 13, 2007 — Vol. 43, No. 18
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What do you think are the root causes
of black-on-black violence?

Their egos. Certain people have low levels of self-confidence. People with ego issues start fights. Paula Defelice
Administrative Assistant
The lack of jobs. Black people need good-paying jobs. The jobs people have don’t pay well. D. Bruce
Home Health Aide
Jamaica Plain
Lack of activities. Kids don’t have jobs or after-school programs. Royale
It depends on where you’re from. People have different territory. People have pride and respect for their ’hood. They think they have the right to shoot or stab you if you go in their 'hood. Leesa
South End
The lack of extracurricular activities available to youth and the lack of job opportunities. And no role models in the community. Marcella Pleas
Gangs fight because they have beef with other gangs. They try to show people that they’re not punks. They want people to think they have power. Myjessica
South End

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