October 18, 2007 — Vol. 43, No. 10
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What do you think of the MCAS exam?
Do you think it’s an effective tool
for educational reform?

I think it’s effective, but it shouldn’t be a requirement for graduation. I think it’s why so many kids drop out. If you don’t test well but get A’s, it shouldn’t be a requirement.
Zuleika Soto
I don’t agree with it. It’s extremely hard. They don’t really prepare us for it. How does that better one in life?
Store Manager
No. They don’t change the questions they use from year to year. How can you test people like that?
Sarina Plevins
Yes, to a certain extent. In a lot of aspects, it’s unfair, especially for special education students. They’re not taught what’s on the test, but they’re still held accountable.
Avery Perry
Food Service Instructor
I think there should be more programs to help people. Especially people who speak English as a second language. There should be more information to help parents help their children study.
Jenny Cintron
Program Director
The MCAS test is an appropriate tool to correct some of the defects in the education system, but we can’t really fix anything until we have all the proper tools: money, books and parental involvement.
Bob Brown

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