August 23, 2007 — Vol. 43, No. 2
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Why are blacks killing blacks?

It’s a lot of anger [about] seeing and not having. This is also about the lack of knowledge and unity in the black community, a lack of jobs and single parent families. Antwon Spencer
Maintenance and Cook
It is a combination of opportunities that are not accessible to the community as well as poor education and broken families.
Ada Smith
Financial Consultant
There are a lot of social ills in the African American community and in this case, I think it is primarily due to a lack of education and job
Rupert Smith
Financial Analyst
Because there is jealousy in the black community. And because they don’t have appropriate home training. Some black families raise their kids to embrace violence.
Sam Crawford
Self-hate and a lack of identity are major factors. You can also say it has to do with poverty, drugs and the economy. Our country needs to stop spending billions on the war and focus on solving our own problems.
Katia Powell
Executive Director
Our neighborhoods need knowledge because how people are raised is important. If people are raised disrespecting each other, they will also learn to do that.
Omar Ashraf

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